Use cases#

This page provides an index of code samples that address specific computer vision use cases.

When generating synthetic data for training your neural network, you often want to generate multiple copies of the same image, with slight variations. Exactly what those variations are depends on your computer vision task.

The code samples on these pages demonstrate how to build a complete data request file using our SDK. When you submit one of these data requests through the Datagen platform, we will generate the exact datapoints that are delineated in the file.

Face Recognition

Detect and recognize human faces.

Gaze Estimation

Estimate the direction and target of a person’s gaze.

Hair and Face segmentation

Differentiate between the hair and the face in an image.

Behavior Recognition - SOON

Identify and classify human behaviors.

3D Reconstruction - SOON

Reconstruct a 3D model of a human face from a number of images.

Pose Estimation - SOON

Recognize and classify human bodily poses.