class datagen.api.assets.Mask(*, id: str, color: MaskColor = MaskColor.BLUE, texture: MaskTexture = MaskTexture.CLOTH, roughness: ConstrainedFloatValue = 0.5, position: MaskPosition = MaskPosition.ON_NOSE)#

A 3D asset representing a facemask.

Use datagen.api.catalog.masks to get assets of this type from the asset catalog.

color: MaskColor#

The base color of the mask, which is further influenced by the roughness property.

id: str#

A UUID that identifies a specific mask asset.

position: MaskPosition#

The position of the mask on the human body.

roughness: float#

A measure of the reflectivity of the mask. Lower values make the mask shinier and more reflective; higher values make the mask more matte.

Min: 0

Max: 1

texture: MaskTexture#

The texture or pattern of the cloth from which the mask is made.