class datagen.api.assets.Light(*, light_type: LightType, beam_angle: ConstrainedFloatValue = 6.5, brightness: ConstrainedFloatValue = 300.0, falloff: ConstrainedFloatValue = 0.5, location: Point = None, rotation: Rotation = None)#

An object representing a specialized light source.

HumanDatapoint.lights can list any number of these for inclusion in the rendering of your scene.

beam_angle: float#

The angle covered by the light cone.

Min: 3

Max: 90

brightness: float#

The amount of energy output by the bulb in the form of light.

The wattage of this spotlight is not the same as the wattage listed on commercial light bulbs. On a commercial lightbulb, the wattage value measures energy usage; here the wattage measures energy output.

Min: 0

Max: 1000

falloff: float#

How far into the spotlight you have to go, starting from the edge and moving towards the center, before you reach the point where the beam is at full strength.

Min: 0 - at this value, the entire beam is at full strength, with a sharp cutoff between light and dark at the edges

Max: 1 - at this value, only the very center of the beam is at full strength, with the intensity tapering off gradually as you approach the edge.

light_type: LightType#

The type of special light source.

location: Point#

The location of the light in the 3D environment, in global coordinates measured in meters.

rotation: Rotation#

The orientation of the spotlight in the 3D environment, in Euler angles measured in degrees.

In the default orientation (yaw 0, pitch 0, roll 0), the spotlight is centered on, and points in, the +y direction.

Rotations are then applied in the order of yaw, pitch, then roll.