class datagen.api.assets.HumanDatapoint(*, human: Human, camera: Camera, accessories: Optional[Accessories] = None, background: Optional[Background] = None, lights: Optional[List[Light]] = None)#

Each instance of this class represents a single datapoint containing a single generated human being.

Use the datagen.api.create_datapoint() function to group multiple datapoints into a single data request.

accessories: Optional[Accessories]#

Data defining accessories worn by the human in the scene, if any.

background: Optional[Background]#

Data defining the background of the scene.

This property is required if, inside the camera property, IntrinsicParams.wavelength = Wavelength.VISIBLE.

If IntrinsicParams.wavelength = Wavelength.NIR, you must leave this property null.

camera: Camera#

Data defining the camera’s location, orientation, and intrinsic parameters.

human: Human#

Data defining the human in the scene.

lights: Optional[List[Light]]#

Data defining special light sources in the scene, if any.