class datagen.api.assets.Camera(*, name: str = 'camera_1', extrinsic_params: ExtrinsicParams = None, intrinsic_params: IntrinsicParams = None)#

An object representing the camera in the scene. This object contains extrinsic and intrinsic parameters that define the camera’s internal workings and relationship to the world.

extrinsic_params: ExtrinsicParams#

The set of intrinsic parameters that define a camera’s position and orientation relative to the rest of the 3D environment.

property extrinsics: ExtrinsicParams#

An alias for the extrinsic_params property.


The extrinsic_params property.

Return type:


intrinsic_params: IntrinsicParams#

The set of intrinsic parameters that define a camera’s internal workings.

property intrinsics: IntrinsicParams#

An alias for the intrinsic_params property.


The intrinsic_params property.

Return type:


name: str#

A custom name that you can give to the camera. When you access your datapoint, this name will appear as a subfolder that contains camera-dependent data (as opposed to global data).