HDRI map#


The ground truth exposed in this modality is a flattened image of the 360° HDRI background in the scene. HDRI maps are used to simulate realistic lighting and reflections in 3D scenes.

This modality consists of the following file:

Relevant file



Camera folder


This file holds a downscaled, 256x128 version of the scene’s background image. It maintains the original rectangular proportions of the background - the proportions the background had before being deformed and applied to the inside of a sphere in order to function as the scene’s background.

The exr format is used because this format enables us to provide 32 bits of detail per channel.


An example of a background image. Note the distortion in the image, reflecting its intended use as a spherical background rather than as a rectangle.#

Using this ground truth, you can train your model to perform image relighting and derive the absolute colors in a scene.