Datagen Documentation

The Datagen platform is an all-purpose generator of synthetic images of human faces and bodies, providing perfectly annotated datapoints for training and testing your neural network.

This site helps you make the best use of our platform and API.

SDK quickstart

Use our Quickstart to create a datapoint-to-order in less than ten minutes!

Sample datapoints

Here is a sampling of the data you can generate on our platform: visual spectrum images, semantic segmentation, normal maps, and depth maps.

_images/sample_1_visible_spectrum_01.png _images/sample_2_visible_spectrum_01.png _images/sample_3_visible_spectrum_01.png _images/sample_4_visible_spectrum_01.png
_images/sample_1_semantic_segmentation.png _images/sample_2_semantic_segmentation.png _images/sample_3_semantic_segmentation.png _images/sample_4_semantic_segmentation.png
_images/sample_1_normal_maps.png _images/sample_2_normal_maps.png _images/sample_3_normal_maps.png _images/sample_4_normal_maps.png
_images/sample_1_depth_map.png _images/sample_2_depth_map.png _images/sample_3_depth_map.png _images/sample_4_depth_map.png


  • Overview: Installation and usage of our SDK, which you can use to generate data requests to order custom datapoints

  • About data requests: A detailed guide to the structure of a custom data request, through which you exercise granular control over the datapoints you order from our system

  • Modalities Handbook: An in-depth look at all of the types of data and metadata that you receive when you generate data on our platform or API

  • Playbooks: Guidelines for how best to use our platform for specific neural network tasks

  • About Datagen: Who we are and what we do

  • Search Page